Saturday, December 16, 2006


I know, it has been ages since I last posted. No, I'm not dead, in case anyone was wondering or pretending to care. I've just not been in the mood for blogging lately. Its not like I've been overly busy with work or something of that sort. To tell you the truth, I've been doing everything but work these days. My days generally consist of endless procrastination, heavy lecture skipping, talking to TPF on the phone, going out with TPF when I'm not on the phone and attending various social events.

Yes, I did say those magical words, social events. It is after all the time of the year where Pan actually goes out for social events and does not shut herself up in her bedroom, listening to alternative music.

I have always viewed Christmas season with a mixed feeling. It is one of the few religious holidays that I'm not totally indifferent to. I, for some strange reason actually care about Christmas (I blame this completely on my convent school upbringing). However much of a clichè this might sound, Christmas season makes me cheerful; the lights, the decorations, the irritating repetitive songs, the silly red hats (especially the ones with stars that light up) make me happy.

The best part of Christmas is Christmas carols. Anyone who knows me can confirm this. I love Christmas carols. I make it a point to sing them randomly all through the year. I also happen to be one of those creepy people who know the lyrics of the second and the third verses of 'Joy to the World' and 'Silent Night'. I can never make up my mind on my favourite one though. It changes from year to year. Presently, I'm stuck somewhere between 'The First Noel' and 'White Christmas'. The only problem about Christmas carols is that ahem, I don't sing very well. Sometimes I feel sorry for the people I hang out with. They must really love me if they can bear my rendition of 'Silver Bells' or 'Winter Wonderland' and still speak to me after that.

Another great thing about Christmas is Boxing Day. The thought of Boxing Day shopping is already making me smile.

I suppose, the whole deal with singing about reindeer and Christmas trees is all very silly considering the point of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (who might or might not have been born on the 25th of December). But nobody cares about these unimportant details, do they? This point always seems to get overlooked for some strange reason.

But Christmas season isn't always full of joy and happiness. No, Christmas has a dark side that also needs to be explored. It involves Christmas presents. There, I've gone and said those evil words. Every single year, I have to spend time, energy and money on buying Christmas presents to a whole load of people that I don't care much about. I'm not even Christian, so I'm not quite sure why I'm buying these presents, but that is how it is! Christmas presents are really stressful. They involve a whole load of strategic planning. Its not just the money that is the problem, every year I keep running out of creative ideas on what to buy for people. I cant get someone a scarf because I gave them a scarf last year. I cant give someone a pair of gloves because that is what they gave me last year and thus, the problem continues.

Christmas in Milan is no different from Christmas anywhere else, although it involves a whole load of pandoro and panettone. The problem with both, panettone and pandoro is making up your mind, which one you prefer, and this decision is not half as easy as it sounds. Its almost like Sophie's Choice actually (by the way, has anyone apart from me actually read that book? No, having watched the movie does not count!).